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How to make your purchases in our store?
To buy in the site is very simple. You  make your shopping now and in your house or office with all comfort that the internet it backwards. Follows the steps below to make your order.

How to find a product:
Any time of your visit in the store, you will easily find the merchandises that it is looking for, for the resources offered for the system.

Locating via Menu:
The relation of categories consists in the horizontal menu to the left that we make use, clicking in any one of them the products related to the selected category will be listed, surfing for the listing, being able to have one or more pages of products, click in the subsequent pages to visualize the remain of the listing.

Detailed description of products:
All the inserted products in our store count on individual and detailed description, being able to follow one or more pictures for better identification of the product. To show the description of the products click in the photo or name of the product in any part of the store.

How To buy?
The virtual store uses of the method list of purchases; adjusted interactive system and more to your comfort. In this way you will be able to always have the control on the launched products already, hindering it to commit an error of evaluation at the moment of the choice of the intended products.

Placing the products in the cart:
After to find the product desired, click in the button “ADD TO CART”. This button it is in the begin of the description of each product. Clicking in the button, the chosen product will be inserted in the cart of purchases and the same one will be shown after that demonstrating to which the individual value of each item, as well as the total of itens already chosen. You will be able to modify the quantity of each item in your cart, for this, modifies the referring number to the amount of each item, this number is to the front of the description of each item in your stand of Purchases, after made it presses the keyboard key “Enter” in your keyboard to update the amount of each item. It will be able to also remove itens of the cart any instant, for that, click in the button remove.
To continue your purchases and to choose other products to add to the list, click in the button “Continue purchases”, below of your list and you will be directed for the Initial Page of the store and will be able to continue to add products in your cart.

To finish the purchase click in link “Checkout” located in the bottom part of the page, the listing of added products will be shown where you will have the option to edit your purchase case is necessary. In this point it will be necessary to make the “LOGIN” or “Sign-in” in our store.

In this page you will have to inform your login and password. In case is a new member, you have to sign-in. For this, you will inform the personal data and address of delivery and, after this step, you will be directed for page of confirmation of the order.

Confirmation of the order:
After to have access to the system will be shown the confirmation of the order where you should confirm all the described information and click in the button “Finish”. A determined time the purchase, the order will be placed in our system, being subject to the confirmation of the payment. During this process, choose the best mode of payment that to agree to it.

How To pay?
The modes of payment of the products are available in the description of each product.
After the purchase you will receive an e-mail with the description from the order, prices and options of shipping for your region, as well as the data for accomplishment of the payment.
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